Simple Time Tracking Application for Everyone

Automate Your Time Tracking

Easier and accurate time tracking that reduces labor costs and increases employee productivity!

Time Tracking just got easier so you will no longer have to spend hours manually going through your old processes that do not work

Choose between Check in/out or Timesheet entries

Track Time while on-the-go

Simple Check in/out process

The first thing you probably want to do when you arrive at work is to seamlessly clock in and start working, not trying to figure out how to clock in. Check in and check out times as well as location accuracy are logged for you to better manage employees.

Quickly Enter Daily Timesheets

Enter specific time for your daily projects to log your progress and hours worked per day. Allow your employees to enter as many or as little fields as you want with our customizable forms.

Always be on top

Check in/out or enter your timesheets in to our Time Tracking mobile app so you are ready to go when you are at work. 

  • GPS feature allows you to track where your employees are checking in from with real-time mapping
  • Gain analytical insights to trends that allows you to better manage your projects and workforce

Generate individual time reports 

Run various reports for your employees to see historical data of time entries, and be able to download them for your records. All of our reports are customizable to show the data you are looking for.

Centralize your HR applications to cut time and setup costs when everything you are looking for is just a few clicks away. 

  • Sync time entries with employee absentee management
  • Simple downloadable files for Payroll
  • Cut cost of IT and ownership with automated cloud software

Streamline your HR Processes

Affordable. Reliable. Easy to learn and maintain. Better manage your data.

Ready for a better Time Tracking solution?

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