Spend more time relaxing than tracking your time off

An automated Vacation Tracking system that all the heavy lifting for you

Your Central Vacation Tracking Portal

Submit your requests and see in real-time how your system sorts your information into categories and shows it in graphs. 

  • See all of your balances
  • Upcoming holidays and company messages are broadcast 
  • Who's Out? allows you to see upcoming coworker requests so you can make an informative decision before submitting your own
  • Graphs show your approved requests and which ones are waiting for manager approval
  • Managers can see their employee requests that are Waiting for Approval

Easy to Learn and Use Employee Self Serve

Our Vacation Tracking application is easy to learn and use, providing employees a simple process of submitting their leave requests. 

Check your submitted requests and your coworker requests in our interactive Department Calendar so you can plan ahead your ultimate vacation! 

Track your Vacations On-the-go

Whether in line for lunch, in a taxi, or half way around the world, don't miss submitting your requests with our Vacation Tracking mobile app. 

  • View your balances
  • Review your Department Calendar
  • Submit leave requests
  • Approve employee requests as a manager
  • Find coworkers through a company directory

Simplified Manager Approval Process

Have an easy two-step approval process or a complex 5-step integration? We can handle it for you! 

After requests are submitted, managers receive an email to notify them. They can then either simply click on a link to approve the request or log in and review the information before approval. They can also send a private note to the employee if they need additional information or want to provide reason for their decisions.

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