CommonOffice on Mobile

Your HR when you need it most

HR Your Way

Downstairs grabbing coffee? In line for lunch? Half way across the globe? We are always just a click away! 

All of your HR applications are readily available for you in the palm of your hand when you need them most. Whether you need to submit an emergency leave request, or you need to check out for the day, CommonOffice free HR app allows you conveniently stay updated with your demanding schedule. 

Same Powerful Application 

Employees are becoming more and more mobile and working away from their desks. Sometimes processes are lost in transition. CommonOffice mobile packs all of the applications that you have come to love and more so that no matter where you are, we are always there with you. 

  • All your CommonOffice applications in one app
  • Work offline feature
  • Manage employee information
  • Track your balances
  • Check in/Check out of work
  • GPS location enabled Time Tracking allows you to see where your employees are checking in and out
  • Approve employee requests

Submit requests from anywhere

We understand that nothing can prepare you when emergencies happen. In times of need, your employees want a convenient way to submit leave requests instead of having to log in to a computer and go through a lengthy process. 

With CommonOffice mobile, your employees can track their leave balances, submit requests and have them approved by their managers, and view who's away for the day. Better yet, in the event that employees cannot submit requests through their phone, their manager can submit one for them. 

Manage your HR on-the-go

Keep track of your employee information including emails, phone numbers, and emergency contacts in your CommonOffice mobile directory instead of scrambling through employee files. 

  • Add/remove employees
  • Send employees their login information
  • Self-service allows employees to update their information

Start your work day right

Your employees can now check in and check out of work directly from their mobile instead of relying on a single terminal. 

With location tracking, you will know if your employees are checking in at work or at the coffee shop. Keep track of employee punch reports and historical data all from your mobile device.

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