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Match candidates with particular skills

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Syncs with your HR and OnBoarding

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Tired of applications that are so cluttered you don't know where anything is? We are too! That's why we've created a centralized command center where you can access all the information you require. You can view all recent applicants as well as previous ones, and sort them based on their candidacy statuses. With our Interview Scheduling feature, you no longer have to rely on your spreadsheets to remind you of an upcoming meeting!

Your Central Applicant Tracking Command Center

Want to show more or different information on your Command Center? We've got you!


Always know when upcoming interviews are without scrambling for your spreadsheets or calendars


Send emails to candidates right from their applications to request more information


Shows active jobs along with number of candidates waiting for review

See recent applications, along with the candidate's information. You can also rate appllications

View and manage upcoming interviews. You can also download it or your own records

See the application statuses of all candidates

Do more with your candidate information right in their application form. You can schedule an interview  as well as enter the interview results so that your recruiting team stays up to date. 

Need more information? Send candidates additional questions from their applications! 

When you've found the candidate you would like to hire, you can start a New Hiring Request to begin the Onboarding Process

Interactive Candidate Applications

See why our Applicant Tracking is for you

Sync your ATS with On-Boarding

Draft the employee's form with key information and have them sign off for a smooth Day One

Set up the employee's On-Boarding form with customized fields and instructions on what to do on their first day

Show the new employee their managers and their direct coworkers on the form so they can introduce themselves 


On-Boarding Form

Organization Chart

1) Low Cost of Ownership

Reduce cost of IT and Administrative processes

2) Quick Approval Processes

Built-in requisition forms that allow to you inform the right parties so that your job postings can be approved quicker.

3) Transparency

Post new jobs internally and externally on your organization's careers page so you can find your potential candidate

4) In-app scheduling

Schedule candidate interviews directly from your application and have it send out an automated invitation 

5) Convenience

Track all candidates based on their application status, create automated messages, retrieve historical applicant information, and 1:1 in-app messaging

Top 10 Reasons Why CommonOffice Applicant Tracking is for You

6) Organization

Multi-level conversations allow you to message managers and hiring managers directly in-app to ensure that the right candidate is selected for the position

7) Track Skills

Have a bank of skill sets that you are looking for so that you can recruit the candidate that is best suited for your job posting

8) Security

Cloud-based software allows you to encrypt your HR applications in multi-levels of security, without having to worry abut files and computer servers that take up space

9) Self Service

HR Portal allows you to access all of your HR applications, send automated email to employees, run and download reports, and set up/edit/delete employee accounts

10) Dedicated Support

Personal Account Manager assigned to your organization

Based on CommonOffice Client Survey, 2018

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